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May 11, 2015

İstanbul is getting ready for summer nights! Here below some city updates from Gurulogy Night Owl!


What's new in the city ?


*Famous rock bar in Sıraselviler Yan Gastrobar is getting ready to open a terrace bar on top of the same building for the summer period in the beginning of June!


*Legendary "O Bar" from the 90's is back in Kuruçeşme in place of ex Fumee Restaurant behind Kuruçeşme Macrocenter. The opening party will be on the 12th of May!


*Backyard Bebekoy is building a separate bar in the garden facing the Bosphorus on the hills of Bebek.  For sure will be a good option for afternoon drinks.


*Nublu moved to the new venue in Sıraselviler with an addition of Nublu Kitchen, an open air terrace facing the Golden Horn. The concert hall is located on the ground floor. Nublu can be a good option to combine live performances + food for the summer period.


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Od Urla, Hygge Felsefesi, Mantar Mevsimi

November 5, 2019

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