Gurulogy by Serra Tükel.   © Her Hakkı Saklıdır / 2013.

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An Extra Ordinary Valentine's Day

February 9, 2015

Leaving behind the New Year’s Eve, nowadays New Year decorations and Christmas trees are replaced by all sorts of heart shaped objects. This time bells start to ring for the Valentine’s Day…

For lovers, sweethearts, the ones who are watching for the right moment to share their feelings, Valentine’s Day could be your time!


How It All Started ?


Going back to the old days, Valentine’s Day was originally dedicated to honor Saint Valentin of the Roman Catholic Church. Decades after his death, there was a myth that suggested a connection between romantic love and Saint Valentin. In some sources of 14th Century, February 14th has been shown as the mating date of birds. And then, in the beginning of 19th Century an American business woman named Esther Howland invented the Valentine’s Day greeting cards. Those cards became the foundation of the whole “Valentine’s Day” industry.


So, what started as “expressing romantic feelings with a greeting card”, turned into a big celebration day where couples exchange luxurious gifts, have candle light dinner and/or romantic holidays.


Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, single or couple, if this Saturday night you feel like going out to have a nice dinner with your loved one and/or friends, I may give you some suggestions, so that you don't panic finding your self in places with plastic roses and red hearts :)

Check out Gurulogy suggestions.

And don't forget to write a small greeting card to your loved one(s) on that day.


Let love be with you all the time!



Agatha Restaurant – Pera Palace Jumeirah

How about a time travel to the beginning of 1900s in Istanbul? Agatha Restaurant, located in Pera Palace Jumeirah is named after famous author Agatha Christie who used to be among the famous guests of the hotel at that time. If you are interested in history and you'd like to have a gourmet experience Agatha Restaurant has a five course special set menu for 14th of February accompanied by live music.

Tel: +90 212 377 4000



Karaköy Gümrük

If you are following the latest city trends and you are as well a Karakoy fan, then I would recommend you to try Gumruk Restaurant in Karakoy. This boutique restaurant is located across from the famous chocolatier Mabel in a historic building dated back to 1905. Two floor restaurant has an amazing decor that rhymes with the historic structure. The menu is simple mainly consisting of 5 starters and 5 main courses that change every day. Gumruk has no special set menu, nor program for the 14th of February but the atmosphere itself is already quite romantic without the need for any extras!

Tel: +90 (212) 244 2252




Mama Shelter Beyoğlu

If you are looking for a hip and cool night out without any dress code and preppy couples around, think Mama Shelter would suit you well.

Mama says "we just want to have a good time" and for the Valentine's Day, they will have the acustic Soul and Jazz Duo with the dinner and DJ music afterwards that will play Hip&Hop, Trap and R&B. The set menu for two is 299TL including the alcoholic beverages. Mama invites the singles to the party as well. The single menu is 159TL per pax. 

Tel: +90 (212) 252 0100



La Scarpetta

Check out the latest post on the new Italian of the city!

Tel: +90 (212) 257 7886



Neolokal located in the Bank Street of Karaköy in the same building as Salt Galata has a modern and lean look in the historic atmosphere of Karakoy phasing the amazing view of Golden Horn. Famous Chef Maksut Aşkar offers a combination of local tastes with a European interpretation. There's no special menu or program in Neolokal for Valentine's Day. Tel: +90 (212) 244 00 16;


Yeni Lokanta

A modern interpretation of well known Anatolian dishes and typical Turkish Meze's from the hands of famous Chef Civan Er that used to be the Chef of Changa restaurant before he opened his own kitchen Yeni Lokanta in Beyoglu Kumbaracı Street. Yeni Lokanta does not have a special, fix menu for Valentine's Day, however the tasting menu for two is always a good choice for gourmet couples who look for a modern and casually chic ambiance.

Tel: +90 212 2922550


If you'd rather eat at home and would like to go out to watch some live performance and even dance, I could suggest you "Ayhan Sicimoglu and Latin All Stars" band at Babylon Istanbul that will take stage on 14th of February. 

Tickets on sale at Biletix


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Od Urla, Hygge Felsefesi, Mantar Mevsimi

November 5, 2019

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