Gurulogy by Serra Tükel.   © Her Hakkı Saklıdır / 2013.

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Watch Out Topagaci ! Kozmonot is the New Comer...

November 4, 2014

Nisantasi has always been among the most popular spots in Istanbul for dining and night life with many different choices of restaurants, bars and cafes along Atiye Street, Mim Kemal Oke and famous Abdi İpekci. 


However, nowadays, the trend is moving towards Topagacı. Mahalle and Divine were the well known cafes of the area and one by one new venues are joining the neighborhood.


Kozmonot is one of those new places that opened just 2 weeks ago on Mufide Kuley Street  where Topagaci Taxi Station is located.  This bistro bar will be offering casual food with drinks and seems will be the new trending bar in the area. 

How fast the word can spred but Kozmonot was already packed with people last Saturday!





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Od Urla, Hygge Felsefesi, Mantar Mevsimi

November 5, 2019

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