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Alain De Botton: Introducing The School of Life in Zorlu PSM

October 15, 2014

Alain De Botton brings together all his ideas and philosophies related to relationships, life, love and happines in The School of Life.

School of Life aims to come up with "good ideas for everyday life".

In his speach in Zorlu PSM on 13th of October, Botton explains that when he established this school he was influenced by the ancient Greek philospher Epicurus and his school of philosphy searching for answers to every day life issues. 

The aim today is to guide individuals in daily life, help them to explore and flourish their creativity and accept in general that life is not perfect and we are not perfect as human beings. 

Following Melbourne, Paris, Amsterdam and Belgrad, The School of Life is in Istanbul Bilgi University as of October 2014.


For details of the program check out Website.   



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Od Urla, Hygge Felsefesi, Mantar Mevsimi

November 5, 2019

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